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issues with AD9910 on Windows 7

Question asked by Kego on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by mcee



We are trying to use an AD9910 board in  our lab. We successfully tried the board on a 32 bit XP machine running the version 1.0.1 evaluation software. However we want to use the AD9910 on a 64-bit computer with windows 7 pro. I tried both the xp compatibility mode and the a windows xp machine on a virtual box to see if it can run the board:

1) the xp compatibility mode just says the device is unrecognized and does not show on the device manager

2) The virtual XP recognizes it as an analog devices cards, and when I try to install it as a ADI hardware it says the LRF folder "does not contain any information about the hardware"


I also tried to "re-flash" the EEPROM using the windows 7 system. Since the refllashing software says "no boards found", I followed the step 7a. in However it still says "no boards found" 


Any help is highly appreciated!