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ADAU 1701 external ADC with TDM

Question asked by IPv6 on Jan 22, 2017
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i my new project i want to use an external ADC to use some more audiostreams and also to control some aux adc functions.
Because i need most of the gpio pins i want to use an 8-channnel time devision multiplex stream.
Which IC could be suitable for my project? Is there an IC from analog devices (or another brand) that works almost plug&play with few extrnal components and the correct settings in sigma studio? Of course i could find some ADC with 8-channel input but most of them doesn't support an 8-channel TDM stream.
Is there maybe a reference project with a schematic and the matching sigma studio settings?

I don't need the ADC to be something special (low noise, SNR), 16 bit would be enough.

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