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CVBS Pseudo differential input ADV7282-M causes ghosting

Question asked by icanfly on Jan 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by GuenterL

Please help me to analyze a problem,thank you!
First, 3 camera signal definition:
1)  test found that the four lines are: power supply, GND, CVBS+, CVBS-
2) GND and CVBS- in the camera side  are in short connection.
3) all singal are conncted to my board.
second, three cameras had tested.

Use ADV7282-M ,
1 )  Pseudo differential input : A camera appears heavy shadow, the other 2 are normal,
2 )  But single ended input :The 3 cameras are normal.
Follow is schematic of Pseudo difference input