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Question asked by niap on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by rejeesh

We are using the FMCDAQ2 with HDL15R2 in various combinations, we now tried to migrate to the stable HDL16R1 tree (with Vivado 2015.4.2 including the two KCU105 patches) and see various problems with the combination of FMCDAQ2 + KCU105.  


This is with image files generated from plain checkouts of the analog hdl and linux git repositories with the 2016_R1 branch and the AR66031 and AR66052 patches installed as instructed:


1.) The project can not be build fully automatically from the repository. The main project requires a Vivado 2015.4.2_AR66031 version string , while several of the generated IP cores from library/ require an unpatched Vivado 2015.4.2 version. Which means that the HDL IP cores need to be synthesized standalone before building the actual project.


2.) The ethernet interface seems to work only partly. The device can obtain a DHCP lease, it can be pinged as well as actively ping other nodes on the network. Though no "high-level" communication is possible, it is not possible to connect to the board with SSH or IIO or perform a DNS query from the board. 


3.) The AD9144 and AD9680 can not be initialized. The AD9144 driver reports "Unrecognized CHIP_ID 0x0". The AD9680 reports PLL Locked but never initializes the AIM ADC device.


The hardware setup including ethernet works fine with the combination HDL+Linux from the 2015_R2 branch.


I would like to start this thread here to see whether anyone else is observing these issues.