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SMBALERT interrupt pin is low continuously on ADT7470

Question asked by rasif on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by KarenNE



I am using ADT7470 on my board to which 4 fans and 4 temperature sensors are connected in daisy chain mode. I am getting all the readings correctly. 


Except for that, when the device is put in Automatic Fan control mode, the SMBALERT pin is continuously low. 


Also, none of the bits in both the Interrupt status registers are set. I have tried masking these bits too. After which still, the SMBALERT pin is continuously low.


While, I configure the devices back to Manual mode by changing the 6th and 7th bits in register 0x68 and 0x69 respectively to zero, the SMBALERT pin is not asserted. 


Can you please help on this?