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Question for D-POT AD5292BRUZ

Question asked by Kaos on Jan 20, 2017
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I just put this sled here due to that we cannot put the additional comment there maybe broken.

Can anyone reply about this?



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Dear Sir/Madam,


Our customer asked as following question to me.
As for your D-POT AD5292BRUZ,your datasheet shows as

"For the example outlined in Table 15, the address of the last programmed location is calculated as
(Number of Bits = 1 in Memory Address 0x14) + (Number of Bits = 1 in Memory Address 0x15) − 1 = 10 + 8 − 1 = 17 (0x10)
If no memory location has been programmed, then the address generated is −1."


17 means "17th Programmed Wiper Location" on your table-5, correct?

If so, AD5292 can be written 20 times. The max value of 0x14 and 0x15 are each 10. So your max value means 10+10-1=19, then "20th Programmed Wiper Location" cannot appear he think. Correct?
How does your AD5292 show "20th Programmed Wiper Location"?


When AD5292 is never written in, "address generated" is -1 your datasheet show,
So after be written ome time, then 0x14 + 0x15=2, so 2-1=1. Does this means !1st Programmed Wiper Location"=0x00, correct?

Please let me know about this.


Thanks Kaos

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