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Improving IIP3 on RX1A & RX2A

Question asked by SDontula on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by sripad

I have measured the IIP3 & IIP2 of AD9361 on FCOMMS2 board. For our use case I would like to improve the IIP3 at Max Gain levels (60~ 70dB) from its current level -16dBm. I would like to achieve better than -5dBm if possible. I have used Full Gain Table. My question to the ADI team is,


1. Will there be any improvement if I use Split Gain Table. If so, by how much. I have attached my test report for the frequencies I am interested in.

2. I have some understanding that the IP3 can be improved by increasing the LO drive level. Would you recommend that.

3. In the IIO Scope GUI, I have selected the Split Gain Table and kept the AGC in Manual mode. I was feeding -90dBm, 2130MHz tone from signal generator. In the scope under frequency domain, I could observe the desired signal. However there is no change in the amplitude level when trying to change the AGC from 0 to 70dB. Can you please provide some guidance on using the split gain table and how we can operate the AGC in manual mode under split gain table.