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¿What isolated HB driver do you recommend me?

Question asked by insolamb on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by insolamb

I working in redesing the high voltage supply for Precipitator electrostatic, now I have a desing with half bridge driver (IR2153) with 2 MosFET this switching to 20-25kHZ that supply 2 transformers HV, I have outputs the up 40 kV.
I want redesing the supply, change the MosFETs by IBGTs, and I am thinking change the IR2153 (resistive switching control) by a HB driver (PWM), I found it interesting to use your Isolated HB driver, controlled by ATMEGA328p. I will use FGH40N60UFD (IGBT), ¿what isolated HB driver do you recommend me? I interesting in ADUM4223.


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