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Parallel output for ADP1055

Question asked by GB32 on Jan 19, 2017
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we want to use further DC/DC converter in parallel. The converter are controlled by ADP1055.

Reading the ADP datasheet I see different ways for load sharing. Please can you confirm my understanding?


-Way 1: using DROOP SHARING. Here a virtual output resistor is implemented in the control. No need of any connection between the converters (exept power lines), but the output voltage dépends of the load.

-Way 2: using ISHARE with low pass filter (analog signal). I think this method requires externals AOP to compare signal and drive the voltage VS. The schematic show in figure 57 seems to be incomplete.

-Way 3: using ISHARE digitally. Require only 1 connection between converters. The output voltage is constant (vs load).


In the Way 3 is it possible that the output voltage command are not exatly the same between converters (the Ishare will compensate)?


Other question: I worry about using ISHARE (way 3) for futher converter with long lines (about 1 meter long) in a noisy environement. Could AD advice me a buffer or transceiver to improve signal immunity?