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What frequency does the "prescaler" in ADF4351 impact on?

Question asked by SKBY on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by icollins

Dear Experts,


My customer is considering to choose ADF4351. Could you please reply to the following question?


Q1: We can see "prescaler" (= 4/5 or 8/9) in the ADF4351 datasheet but cannot see any equation with “prescaler” in the ADF4351 datasheet.


What frequency does the "prescaler" in ADF4351 impact on?


I suppose that the prescaler (P) value will impact on PFD frequency (f_PFD) as shown in the following equation. Is it correct?

Note: "P" in the above equation means "prescaler" (= 4/5 or 8/9) in ADF4351.


The following is just a reference for the RFout frequency calculation:


Could you please advise my customer about your reply to the above question?


Thanks and regards.