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Can We Provide a high accuracy constant-current source circuit and constant-voltage source circuit

Question asked by on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by AnnaFeB

Hello, every buddies. Here comes a question that need your help.

     A customer need a a high accuracy constant-current source circuit (precision <0.01% @ 20mA output current) and a constant-voltage source circuit (precision <0.02% @ 100mV output voltage). 

     For constant-current source circuit, they have read our CN0099----High Precision, Low Cost Current Sources Using the AD8276 Difference Amplifier and the AD8603 Op Amp. But this circuit accuracy is 0.02% and customer hopes that they can reach the accuracy of 0.01%, can we offer a solution to them? By the way, if we change the Amp. , can we offer a figure which looks like  the figure.2 in CN0099----"Test Results for Current Source Using the AD8276A, AD8603, and 2N3904" to confirm which voltage reference to select?  Thank you very much.

     For constant-voltage source circuit, customer would like to choose our DAC AD5781/AD5791 to implement this application. Can we provide a compete reference circuit based on AD5781/AD5791 to meet the requirement of (precision <0.02% @ 100mV output voltage)? 

    Appreciate for your answers, thanks again.