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BF537 (rev 0.2) startup issues after watchdog reset

Question asked by alemannia on Sep 12, 2011
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I just ran into a problem with the rev 0.2 of the BF537. Im my application I reset the platform using the watchdog reset mechanizm. So far I had no problems as our (custom) development board runs a BF537 rev 0.3. When loading up the application into an older board with BF537 rev 0.2 the boot process gets stuck from time to time.



Sometimes it happens in the basiccrt.s just after cplb initialization.


CALL.X _cplb_init;

//  Enable interrupts

STI R4;          // Using the mask from default handlers <-- this one causes the program to jump into __fatal_error
The cplb registers for instructions and data are not initialized, although they should be...
In other cases the program stops in an IDLE instruction of the "_raw_dma" routine. Once connected with the JTAG emulator and the target being stopped, I can press F10 (run) and the program continues.


Before elaborating on the details I would like to know, if there is a known issue with the watchdog reset on older BF537 revisions.


I compile my code with the latest VDSP tool chain and -si-revision "any".