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Initialize arrays and calculate values

Question asked by ChristianH on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by StuartS



I'm using VDSP++ with ADSP-214xx SHARC DSPs programmed in assembler.


If I need to initialize a variable it's easy like

.var GAIN = 1.0;   //set to 0dB

If I need to initialize an array up to now I use a file like

.var GAIN[128] = "Gain_128_0dB.dat";    //set all gains to 0dB


Is there a way to solve this in another way without a file holding the initialization values?



Also I was looking for a way to calculate values instead of writing the real value in a way like

#define DIM_GAIN          -40                                     //dB

#define DIM_GAIN_DB   10^(DIM_GAIN / 20)



instead of

.var GAIN = 0.01;


Is this somehow possible?