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AD9144 with NCO enabled

Question asked by hoo on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by hoo

Hi ,

I have some questions about NCO function.

My Design Requirements: output BW = 300MHz, Center frequency = 800MHz.

My Design Plan:

1.since BW = 300MHz, the minimum data rate = 600MHz, considering FIR filter limit useful BW to about 40% of data rate,so  minimum data rate = 750MHz.

2.Center frequency = 800MHz, upper frequency = 950MHz, so minimum DAC sample rate = 1900Msps.

so, i choose data rate = 1000MHz, with 2x interpolation ,DAC sample rate = 2000Msps.



I tend to use as more channel as possible,my question is :

1.can i use AD9144 in 4 independent mode and with NCO enabled for my design?

2.if YES,what NCO frequency should be?


I need your professional suggestion,looking forward to your reply!