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What are available downscallers?

Question asked by Gortu on Jan 17, 2017
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I've performed a serious work searching for a way to downscale PAL/NTSC video. One month of Google usage, multiple hours per day. The outcome is: downscale on 216 MHz 512 kB SRAM controller – STM32F767 (using camera interface – called "DCMI" – compatible with a video decoder IC). So this basically means no success with finding Analog Devices downscalling IC. I've ordered STM32.


Browsing this forum I stumbled upon ADV8003, ADV8005 chips. They are out of reach for me bacuse of 425-ball packages. Also, they're HDMI technology, while I would need TTL ITU-R BT.656 input and output. However, their existence means I've missed a family of AD products – downscallers.


Can I ask for an enumeration of existing scalling / downscalling ICs available from Analog Devices? Because finding them on the internet is REALLY hard.


PS. Maybe there are application notes or other documents on this topic?


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