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BF70x: how to change SPI Slave Boot port to SPI0

Question asked by msCircal on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by msCircal

In Table 36-13: ADSP-BF70x Booting Modes of the ADSP-BF70x Blackfin+ Hardware Reference,

it indicates that SPI Slave Boot mode defaults to SPI2, but that it is configurable via OTP


I would like to change this so that SPI Slave Boot mode uses SPI0 instead.


What exactly is the process to configure the OTP to change to SPI0 port for Slave Boot mode ?


From what I have surmised so for is that possibly I can use cldp.exe to load bf707_otp_driver.dxe, and that has some commands to read/write OTP memory.


But it is not clear to me exactly what OTP memory sections I need to write to change the SPI port used by the SPI Slave Boot mode.


Thank you for your help,