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ADV7611 12BIT SDR ITU BT656 Mode 2

Question asked by goldbear on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by GuenterL

Dear my friends,I'm using amcap to capture adv7611 output video.It's fine to acquire video when adv7611 works in 16 bit SDR ITU-R bt656 4:2:2 mode 0,Since the video source inupt to adv7611 is 12bits black white video,and the 16 bit SDR ITU-R bt656 4:2:2 mode 0 has only 8 bits Y7-Y0. So the video acquired is 8 bits black white video not as clear as 12 bits black white input video.To solve this problem,I found that adv7611 has ability to work in 12 bits SDR ITU-R bt656 mode 2 which is 12bits Y11-Y0 output. So my question is how to modify amcap to acquire 12bits bt656 mode 2 video?I did not found any appropriate macro define MEDIASUBTYPE in uuids.h  for this.Any help will be greatly appreciated.