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ADPD105 TIA ADC mode configuration

Question asked by GR-0894 on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by Buckley


I have an EVAL-ADPD105Z-GEN kit with me.

I have tested and obtained a fairly noise-free PPG from the EVAL board. However, I would like to use the TIA ADC MODE of the ADPD105 with the input to the trans-impedance amplifier as a sine wave.


The connections that I made are:

--> Function generator positive to PD1-2 pin with a 100 kilo ohm resistor in series to prevent the TIA from saturating

--> Function generator negative to PDC

--> I am giving a 1V peak-to-peak sine wave as the function generator output.

--> To bypass the band-pass filter, I am using the ADPD OpenMarket Wavetool to write the values 0xAE65 to the register 0x43 and 0x45 (register values have been taken according to the datasheet's specifications).

--> I am also writing 0x1CB6 to the registers 0x42 and 0x44 in order to configure the integrator as an inverting buffer (again according to the datasheet's specifications).


After performing the above steps, I find that the I am getting no output on the Graph View of the ADPD OpenMarket Wavetool.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.