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Switching characteristic change: HMC547 vs. HMC547A.

Question asked by rasmith on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by s.ilke

We have multiple designs with the HMC547LP3 designed in. This part is now going obsolete.


In looking at the HMC547A datasheet, I find that the switching time specifications have changed:


HMC547A: tON/tOFF=10ns (typ); tRISE/tFALL=2ns (typ)

HMC547: tON/tOFF=6ns (typ); tRISE/tFALL=3ns (typ)


I have a few questions:


1) Am I correct to interpret the datasheet to mean that the switching time (e.g. from 50% point on the CTL signal) has increased by 66% ?


2) Since switching speed is very important in some of our applications, can you suggest a part that meets the HMC547 tON/tOFF speed of 6ns?



Russell Smith

RF/Analog Designer