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Application doesn't run on CCES 2.2.0 or CCES 2.3.0 or 2.5.0

Question asked by Sudheer Employee on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Sudheer


I am using CCES 2.1.0 with BLIP2. While debugging from CCES IDE we are using a custom proc xml file.


We are setting the CORE Clock, SYSCLK, SCK0 and SCLK1 to the following values 384 MHz, 192MHz, 96 MHz and 192MHz.


After changing the CORE CLOCK, SYSCLK, SCLK0 and SCLK1 we are printing these values in CCES console window using printf statement..


In the CCES 2.5.0 Console I see the following values 0, 384000000, 192000000, 96000000.


Where as in CCES 2.1.0 console I see the following values 384000000, 192000000, 96000000, 192000000


If I continue to debug the projects with CCES 2.2.0 / 2.3.0 / 2.5.0 then the following error is seen:

A non-recoverable error or exception has occurred.
Description: œž¶5  General Type: RunTimeError
Specific Type: LïŒ.¬ñŒ.ŒñŒ.Ê]ˆXŒñŒ.œÒ  ÀøŒ.ÄøŒ.
Error PC:


I tries several times un installing and re installing the CCES tool. But it didn't work. What I observed is the same project I can debug on other machines using CCES 2.3.0.


Is something I can look into before formatting my PC and reinstalling everything.


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