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Question asked by Chinkullirp on Jan 17, 2017
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  1. We intend to use the IMU Package from Analog Devices (ADIS16480) in our nano-sat and use the Quaternion information from IMU to maintain the spacecraft  in an inertially fixed orientation. Alternately, we may also keep the spacecraft in the earth pointing mode (i.e., nadir pointing with orbital rate of approx.. 0.06˚/sec about pitch axis). Will the stated no. for the attitude determination accuracy mentioned (0.3˚ for pitch/roll and 0.5˚for yaw) be guaranteed throughout the orbit in the earth pointing mode. What will be the attitude determination accuracies in the Inertial hold mode. Is our understanding correct that Magnetometer will provide the on-board gyro drift calibration to achieve the stated accuracies.