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ADTL082A Offset

Question asked by rgray on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by harryh

I'm doing some error analysis and want to make sure about this.  ADTL082A Offset from the datasheet is published as 9mV max over the -40c to 125c temp range.  I believe that is ±9mV and not ±4.5mV (9mV difference), would someone verify that for me?

Offset voltage drift is specified as 10uV/C over the -40c to 125c range typical.  But that only produces 1mV offset from 25 to 125C.  Looking at the max's, it would seem like the max Offset voltage drift is 35mV/C? (3.5mV going from 25 to 125C.  And again I would treat this as ±10uV/C and not ±5uV/C (10uV range).  Again can someone verify this for me along with the max Offset drift?