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Can VisualAnalog be used with AD-FMCADC4-EBZ?

Question asked by ALU on Jan 17, 2017
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Hello EZ!

Is it possible to use the VisualAnalog software with the FMCADC4 board? I'd like to measure the SNR, SINAD, etc. of the AD9680 output. I don't have the actual board yet so I can't confirm this, but I think the IIO Oscilloscope cannot provide this data (Please correct me if this is wrong!). Note that I am planning to use the Linux image available on the wiki for this.


In the event that VisualAnalog cannot be used, could you suggest any way to measure those parameters? Maybe the captured data can be analyzed with a different software?


Admittedly, I have no actual experience yet with FMC boards so I apologize if this seems like a silly question.

Thank you very much!