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Amplifying 100Mhz up to 5Vpp with LOW distortion

Question asked by Dexter on Sep 12, 2011
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I need to amplify an sinewave (1MHz-100MHz) up to 5Vpp with verry low distortion ( -90dBc). But i can not find an amplifier that can do this. Can somebody tell me if this is posible?


Frequency range     : 1MHz to 100MHz

Input Voltage           : 1Vpp

Output Voltage        : 5Vpp

Distortion                : -90dBc (or better) over the frequence range

Power cunsumption : Not verry importand ( <10W)

Rload                     : 100 Ohm


Construction like putting amplifiers paralel to distrubute the load form better distortion ar an option


Thanks in advance for any reaction


Ronald Dekker