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adv7441a cp csc controls of contrast,saturation,brightness and hue

Question asked by H.264Tech on Sep 11, 2011
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I am using adv7441a for capturing standard video such as 720p/1080p from YPbPr port and to encode, and when i want to set the digital color control like contrast,saturation,brightness and hue dynamically, with following registers operation(in USER MAP 1):

1. Enable Color Controls bit0 of 0x9E: 0x9E[0] = 1;

2.Contrast                0x9A[7:0] = 0x40;

3.Saturation              0x9B[7:0] = 0x40;

4.BRIGHTNESS        0x9C[7:0] = 0x40;

5.HUE                      0x9D[7:0] = 0x40;

I am sure the registers is set to the value as indicated, but no color changed at all from the real H.264 video.

Is there any thing wrong with those operations?


Thank you very much.