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ADuC7xxxI I2C and JTAG interface

Question asked by LWR on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by ABuda

The I2CWSD application for the EVAL-ADUC7023 board require a manual reset. Why? The ADBUS7 pin of the FT2232H chip is named reset. I would like to use this interface to upload the hex file into my micro converter ( both ADuC7126 and ADuC7023 ) from our automated production test system.

On the above EVAL Board the FTDI chip can optionally be JTAG connected to the micro converter. Do you or KEIL plan to support this 'low' cost interface in the near future? 

I would like to modify the I2CWSD to control the reset and to support the ADuC7126_I processor. Can the source code of this application become available?

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