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HDMI Host is not start the EDID table reading with ADV7441A HDMI receiver

Question asked by ashwa116 on Sep 10, 2011
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Below is our HDMI Receiver Setup:

We are using HDMI receiver ADV7441A in our setup.
The ADV7441A is configured for HDMI input and HDMI output through port A.
The Port A HPD signal is pulled up to DDC +5V
Internal EDID table is loaded and enabled. No EEPROM is connected to DDC channel.
Once the configuration is done, we are connecting the HDMI Host.


1. HDMI Host is not reading the EDID table.
2. The HDMI Host is not detecting the HDMI receiver.


Please help us to resolve the issues.


Note: 1. If we connect any other HDMI monitor Host detects HDMI monitor.
      2. The configuration script is attached.