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Controlling the ADAU1701 using a microcontroller - documentation?

Question asked by MCUdev on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by mmmike


I'm doing a project where I've created a simple project in Sigma Studio, and added a few components, like a tone generator, volume, mute, single band EQ and mute. I can adjust all these block in Sigma Studio, but I want to control these using a microcontroller over i2c; an Atmel AVR. 


By using the capture mode in Sigma Studio, I've been able to figure out what registers and data simple blocks like mute and volume writes to the DSP. However, blocks like clickless volume and EQ doesn't just write data to one registers, but six! The data that gets written is also quite cryptical to me. What does 1.00562930107117  to address 0x06 means?


Does there exist some kind if documentation that tells the user how registers the different blocks are writing to, and more importantly, what is the actual content of each register?


In my current setup, when I adjust my single band 100 Hz EQ to the gain from 9.8 to 10 dB (one step), A total of six addreses is written to (see attached pic). I have no idea which of these register contains parameters like Q, "regular" gain, dB gain and EQ frequency. How can I figure this out? Does there exist some kind of documentation on this? That would be really helpful.


(Capture data is one step on the equalizer, 9.8 to 10dB)

Sigma Studio capture EQ ADAU1701