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ADV7401 Visual Artifacts

Question asked by Theuns on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by Theuns

Good day,


We are passing digital video through our board using an ADV7401.


Currently I am trying to pass XGA 1024x768 (60Hz) video via an DVI Receiver connected to the ADV7401. The decoder is configured to for DVI input and YCbCr output. (See configuration script in attachments)


 The output video is stable and all the colours look good. (See attachments: Cursor_Inside_AW.jpg & Cursor_Inside_AW_Zoomed.jpg)


The source of the video is from a windows xp laptop and whenever the mouse cursor crosses the right side edge of the screen and moves outside of the active window area, a visual artifact appears across the screen. It seems like a dark shadow across the screen. (See attachments: Cursor_Outside_AW.jpg & Cursor_Outside_AW_Zoomed.jpg)


We have successfully passed SDTV through our board without any issues and now we are trying to pass EDTV and HDTV signals.


This is my first time working with video and I am not sure what is causing this, maybe someone else has seen this before? Any help would be appreciated.