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ADM1278 / ADM1172 current shunt and Temp-pin question

Question asked by on Jan 13, 2017
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      Below questions need your help:      


1. We find that ADI’s sense resistor layout guide as below link. It will be improved 1% accuracy of voltage sense as recommendation as below.But the test condition is 20A. My application is almost 60A current flow for ADM1278. The result will the same? For ADM1172,I route the current sense with the shortest path, but the recommendation is the longer path and have via ,what is your idea?

Optimize High-Current Sensing Accuracy by Improving Pad Layout of Low-Value Shunt Resistors | Analog Devices 


  1. Base on ADM1278 spec suggestion, add Low-pass filter on pin25 (Temp-pin) is needed. But the sensor location is closed to controller regarding to currently layout now, do I need it?