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Does the "Crossover" algorithm affect over all output time (latency)?

Question asked by Alvis on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by Alvis

Hello guys,

I have one question about the Crossover block, as title, I got this testing on my ADAU1452 EVB as below:


From the 1452 spec, I know that if I use none block testing(the testing only has DSP 1452 and codec, no algorithm inside),

the measurement time is 1.26ms (input to output total time).

testing result:

The above test, I measure the input to output total time, I got 4.4ms,

the testing environment:


testing result:


I want to check which block will increase so much time, so I do this test on my EVB, only one Crossover block:


and the Crossover block I use:

the parameter of the crossover block:


After this test, I got the result, the total time increase to 4.32ms:


So my question is:

Why does the "Crossover" block will increase so much time? Is the algorithm design or something that I miss?


Thank you for reading this topic, hope you guys can help me