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Oscillator Frequency with ADF5904/ADF4149/ADAR7251

Question asked by wtidd on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by pwalsh


Is there any reason why I shouldn't reuse the same reference oscillator for all three chips when designing a complete 24 GHz solution? On the reference schematics a 19.2 MHz oscillator is typically used for the ADAR7251, while a 100 MHz is typically used for the ADF chipset...?


For instance I could use 48 MHz oscillator, as this fits within the bounds of all 3 chips.   With 48 MHz on the ADAR, I would need R = 2, X = 1, N = 4, and M = 10.  While on the ADF chipset the frequency steps would be smaller at ~1.43 Hz.  I suppose I would just need an ultra-low jitter oscillator like the CWX823?