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Regarding Ad9371

Question asked by Maria Employee on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by Vinod

1) For all the ADC's of Rx, observation and sniffer path, we want know input impedance, ADC resolution and SNR/ENOB


2) Do you have any reference for, inter Connect Diagram of ZC7045 (Xilinx) and AD9371.


AD9371 Software development queries, we are desinging a platform based on

AD9371 interfaced with Xilinx's ZC706 (zynq 7045). In this context we have following queries:



   - Kindly share any document apart from UG-992, software build

   instruction document and datasheet that will help for software development,

   for AD9371.




   - Can you please share example software designs (reference designs) for

   developing application on AD9371.



   - 1) Design based on xilinx SDK

      - 2) Design in which the MYKONOS is part of linux kernel.




   - What does Mykonos_M3.bin file which is loaded to ARM contains?

   - Does AD9371 need to programmed (configuration) for TDD mode explicitly?

   - How to switch between Tx Path and Rx path?