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Issues when use AD8001 as Adder

Question asked by coyoo on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by coyoo

Hello Guys,


We are using AD8001 as Adder. We can use it in our previous product, now, we are using it in our new prototype and test board. We didn't change anything in the schematic, only replace and route a test board. As attached imag file shows, there are something like ripples coupling into the Adder's output. What happens on the AD8001?


We have isolated the next stage, and nothing change. The input signal is exponent from function generator, and across AD8264(VGA), then input to AD8001. We also input sine, square and sawtooth signals. It seems the low speed signal can get better result. The output imag as below(violet channel is VGA's output, and blue channel is AD8001's output):


Thanks in advance.