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Adding XADC to Zynq DeviceTree

Question asked by Quamstar on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by larsc
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Hi Lars,


i'm working on a similar issue and trying to implement the xadc into the reference design for system monitoring of external signals. Therefore i need to add all aux(0:16) channels to the design. For now, I figured out that the iio driver provided by ADI are already using the xadc drivers and there are some modification in the devictree and system design required. Taking a look into the hdl-design, there are no implementation of any xadc headers pins for the zc702 and zc706. As you mentioned the VN/VP (channel 0) is alway connected, i could not find anythin in the system constraint or system_top files. There is only a entry for fot XADC GPIO. 


Since, the ZC702 has a dedicated routing of the AUX0 and AUX8 channel, do i only need to insert those into the system constraint and modify the gpio_bd width (currently inout [15:0] gpio_bd) or is there something else to update?


Do someone has experience by insert the XADC wizard IP into the reference design?


Thanks and regards