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on the SC584 2 leds blink for 1 TGL

Question asked by macci77 on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by nithya.koch

For months I have been using the LEDs on the EVM board of the SC584 for signaling, using this *pREG_PORTE_DATA_TGL  |= 0x0002;.or so for LEDs 10 to 17.

A month ago or so I cant remember what changes we did, but instead of one led blinking, two consecutive LEDs blink.

For *pREG_PORTE_DATA_TGL  |= 0x0002; and *pREG_PORTE_DATA_TGL  |= 0x0004; LEDs 10 and 11 blink together. For *pREG_PORTE_DATA_TGL  |= 0x0008; and *pREG_PORTE_DATA_TGL  |= 0x0010; LEDs 12 and 13 blink etc.

Very strange to me.

Any idea of what change should be done?