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ADE9078 Resampling method details

Question asked by almost_linear on Jan 11, 2017
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I am considering the ADE9078 for a new design and a few questions I have is with regards to the metering chips resampling operation.


What metrics does the chip use to adjust its sampling rate?

If I assume its the "Line Period" register and time, what frequency threshold and what time (ms or number of cycles) threshold will cause the ADE9078 to change its sampling rate to adjust to the line frequency?

Similarly, if I wanted to manually force the chip to resample using the supplied registers (UPERIOD_SEL, USER_PERIOD), how fast can I expect this resampling operation to occur? Is their a way to know (from the chips point of view) when this has taken place, like an IRQ?


I could not find a mention in the datasheet on these questions I have.


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