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ADV7511W Pixel/Row Corruption

Question asked by dirjud on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by GuenterL

We are using the ADV7511W. It is being driven by an FPGA in 720p@60. On most monitors it works perfectly. However, on some monitors, we see short snippets of pixel corruption on single frames that moves around from frame to frame. Sometimes, the corruption is not short and an entire row or rows will corrupt. The attached video shows the problem. Notice the short bursts of white/bright pixels? It is readily apparent in the black square of the color chart near the end of the video snippet. I can put my laptop in the same 720p mode and drive a similar image with the same cable and there is no issue. It does seem to be cable dependent, meaning some cables show more of the problem than others, but regardless, my laptop does not have these issues with any cable. We have seen the problem occur on both DVI and HDMI monitors, but it works perfectly on most DVI and HDMI monitors.


Any ideas on what the problem may be?