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ADV7842 HDMI Background measurement problem

Question asked by Yannick.C on Sep 8, 2011
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I'm using an ADV7842-ADV7511 evaluation board and I have two HDMI inputs and one HDMI/DVI output on a screen.


I run "ADV7842-VER-5.9c_AVEB -> Script 9 DVI -> DVI RGB In, RGB Out DVI" (with the correction of register 0x68 0x00) and then I can display on my screen the HDMI stream A or B.

All the measurements on the selected port are correct but for background measurements of the other port, they are empty. The only way to have informations for background is to select the port that is currently displayed but that is quite useless !

When I delete initialization of some registers in the script (registers 0xC0 to 0xC6) it works. Is it normal ? These registers are not explained in UG-206, is there a manual that explained them ?


Thank you in advance for your help,