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HMC1056 I/Q mixer as QPSK modulator with TxDAC

Question asked by sugu89 on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by sugu89

Our requirement is to do the 100Mbps data-rate QPSK modulation using for our RF carrier frequency of 8200MHz.


Now we are looking to use the direct conversion from baseband by using I/Q modulator or by using I/Q mixers with LO frequency of 8200MHz.


We have checked your I/Q mixer: HMC1056LP4BE which can support 8-12GHz RF/LO and IF frequency range from  DC- 4 GHz. 

Now we are planning to use TxDAC for conversion of Baseband digital data to analog I/Q data.


1) How to interface the TxDAC output to Mixer IF ports for our above requirement. In your datasheet the IF port performance data is not given below 500MHz.


2) In your IC Functional Diagram the RF port (pin 14) is connected to 90deg hybrid and then connected to I/Q mixer whereas LO port (pin 3) is directly connected to both mixers.

For I/Q modulator this LO and RF ports should be Vice versa. Kindly confirm the same.


3) Do you have application note or circuit to use this mixer as I/Q modulator with TxDAC?



Sugumar K