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CN0372 SDP-CB1Z+SDP-PMD-IB1Z not detected

Question asked by AkiraO on Jan 10, 2017
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I bought EVAL-CN0372-PMDZ, SDP-PMD-iB1Z and EVAL-SDP-CB1Z. And I connected these board and setting and confirmed Link(SL1 to SL13). Then I installed evaluation software to my PC. After that I connected the boards to my PC. However,  SDP-CB1Z was not detected in my PC. When I changed setting of JP1 on SDP-PMD-1B1Z from 3.3V to 5V, SDP-CB1Z was detected in my PC.


Why was not SDP-CB1Z detected in my PC when JP1 setting is 3.3V?  Can I use CN0372 by 5V setting of JP1 on SDP-PMD-iB1Z?


I have EVAL-ADUX1020 and it has EVAL-SDP-CB1Z, too. EVAL-ADUX1020 is detected in my PC and work well.


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