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Body Impedance Measuring after wake-up of ADuCM350

Question asked by Jiwon.Lee on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by murphy_mei



My customer is measuring body impedance with their own board with AD8226 and ADuCM350(4-Wire Bio-isolated impedance measurement).

Before ADuCM350 enters low power mode, Measured data is fine. But when it enters low power mode first and then start measure after wake up, the result is bad.

The function to enter lower power mode is in below.

" SystemEnterLowPowerMode(ADI_SYS_MODE_HIBERNATE, &bInterruptFlag, 0) "


And below code is the interrupt handler for an external interrupt pin.

   static void gpio_int_exit (void *pCBParam, uint32_t interruptID, void *pArg)




Is there any misunderstanding in low power mode ? What could be the reason ?