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Unable to open the .rgb files provided by Blackfin Image Processing Toolbox

Question asked by Vince on Sep 8, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by bijeshp

Hi there:


I tried to open the .rgb files (demo_512X512.rgb & demo_haar.rgb) in provided along with the Blackfin Image Processing Toolbox software module (under \SoftwareModules\Media\ImageProcessingToolbox-BF-Rel1.4.0_PROD\input) using GIMP as the getting started guide suggested, but it failed to open them.

Also I tried to open the .rgb files generated by the demo projects, GIMP still did not make it.

However GIMP could open the sample .rgb files I donwloaded somewhere else.


Is there anything I missed to open the files along with the software module? Any suggestion?

(Actually I also tried using ImageMagick as well. Not working.)