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Modifying the Abstract Page Table and compiling the SHARC cores (Core 1 and 2) for Silicon Rev 1.0 does not appear to work.

Question asked by on Jan 6, 2017
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According to the CCES help files, copying apt-sc589.c file to your project and modifying the memory page entries will modify the start routines of the MMU to configure the different memory ranges as required for a projects particular requirements.  For example, I wish to change a range of L2 SRAM so that it is uncached instead of cached:


0x20088000u, 0x2009FFFFu, ADI_MMU_WB_CACHED


So, I modified the above entry to look like this:


0x20088000u, 0x2009FFFFu, ADI_MMU_RW_UNCACHED


I then located a simple structure to this memory location for the exchange of data across all 3 cores.  This worked perfectly on the ezkit evaluation board running silicon rev. 0.1.  However, we have finally received production silicon rev 1.0, and this appears to not work.  If I compile for silicon rev "any", this works even on the Rev 1.0 silicon.


I seems like I have missed something, or there is an issue with the compiler.  Any insight?