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Single processor simulator session products differences

Question asked by YAI on Sep 7, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2011 by YAI

Hi to all,

  • I've encountered a situation in which compilation products (ldr files) that are  intended for a real TS201S-Rev1.2 that were compiled in two different session platforms:
  1. ADSP-TS201 Rev0.0 Single Processor Simulator
  2. ADSP-TS201 Rev1.0 Single Processor Simulator

          Were different (checked by "Beyond Compare" & the size of the files was different).


  • In the "Project Options" the definition is the same and correct : Processor :ADSP-TS201, Revision: 1.2
  • Is there any meaning/effect of the differences on the real target(the real DSP) ?
  • Are the differences affects only when running as a simulator(on the PC and not on the real DSP)?
  • Does it matter in which session platform between the two I've mentioned to use when compiling a product(ldr file/dxe for debugging with ICE) to a real TS201S Rev1.2 DSP?
  • Is there any recommended session to compile with for creating a product for a real target as I've mentioned?
  • Thanks  ,