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Queries about AD9152 Evaluation

Question asked by WayneQ on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by Patrick-Xuan

Hi, there


I want to evaluate AD9152 performance following the instruction of AN-928. I have two questions below needing your help.

1, about DAC clock signal source, AD9152 is a 16-bit high-speed DAC. I want to employ one RF signal generator as its clock. What's the requirement of phase noise or jitter for the RF signal generator for AD9152 performance evaluation?

2, if I want to measure AD9154 analog output, does spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope need higher resolution than AD9154's? I think it's a bit difficult to find one spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope having resolution higher than 16-bit. Could you please help with my issues or give some comments on them?


Thanks in advance for your kindly help and support!

And hope you have a happy weekend!