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AD9852ASQ replaced with AD9852ASVZ

Question asked by on Sep 8, 2011
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I am having a temperature problem. Both parts have the ground paddle that are being solder down. However, ASVZ is going unlocked when cca is at 64 C. Both parts are rated to 85 C. Has anyone noticed temperature problem with ASVZ? I am not seeing problem with ASQ. I am using a 33 MHz reference and output frequency is 128 MHz. Application notes states ground paddle is needed when clock frequency is greater then 200 MHz to 300 MHz. When ASVZ fails, I can do a quick spray with cold spray and pll locks back up. When part heats back upthen AD9852ASVZ has increase phase noise and then goes unlock. 33 MHz reference is fine and part is getting 3.3 vdc. It is my understanding ASVZ was drop in replacement for ASQ. Is there something that I am  missing for layout or design with this replacement part?