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Is adv7613 an simple hardware converter or does this device requires some firmware developed and running on it for normal operation.

Question asked by ChiruMatada on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by edo

Hello All, 


I have an HDMI input and the selected supports only LVDS input, While searching an converter i found adv7613 is suitable for my application. But i  am not sure if its just an hardware engine or does it requires any firmware for proper operation. 


When i went through the reference manual i could see n number of registers. I want to interface HDMI output to the Display. Please some one clarify is there any firmware development required for using adv7613 in my application. 


I just want an hardware interface and dont want to run any firmware for this simple operation. If this device is not suitable for the above said application, Suggest me an alternate solution.