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More complete example for initialization of DRM and DAI configuration in ADV7513 device which is connected to linux 2.6.35 device by I2C bus

Question asked by fjarroyo on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by larsc

After adding the driver to the kernel 2.6.35 in our custom design, could you give me a more complete example, based in example extracted from ADV7511 HDMI transmitter Linux Driver [Analog Devices Wiki] , view down, to initialize the DRM and DAI configuration, ie a practical example in a Linux to check that the hardware for the ADV7513 is correct once the driver has been installed? What Include files are necesaries...


static const uint16_t adv7511_csc_ycbcr_to_rgb[] = {     0x0734, 0x04ad, 0x0000, 0x1c1b,     0x1ddc, 0x04ad, 0x1f24, 0x0135,     0x0000, 0x04ad, 0x087c, 0x1b77,}; static const struct adv7511_video_input_config adv7511_config_zc702 = {     .id = ADV7511_INPUT_ID_16_20_24BIT_YCbCr422_SEPARATE_SYNC,     .input_style = ADV7511_INPUT_STYLE1,     .sync_pulse = ADV7511_INPUT_SYNC_PULSE_NONE,     .clock_delay = ADV7511_INPUT_CLOCK_DELAY_NONE,     .reverse_bitorder = false,     .vsync_polarity = ADV7511_SYNC_POLARITY_HIGH,     .hsync_polarity = ADV7511_SYNC_POLARITY_HIGH,     .up_conversion = ADV7511_UP_CONVERSION_ZERO_ORDER,     .input_color_depth = ADV7511_INPUT_COLOR_DEPTH_8BIT,     .output_format = ADV7511_OUTPUT_FORMAT_RGB_444,     .csc_enable = true,     .csc_coefficents = adv7511_csc_ycbcr_to_rgb,     .csc_scaling_factor = ADV7511_CSC_SCALING_4,     .bit_justification = ADV7511_INPUT_BIT_JUSTIFICATION_RIGHT,     .tmds_clock_inversion = true,}; [...]     struct drm_encoder_slave_funcs *sfuncs = get_slave_funcs(encoder);       sfuncs->set_config(encoder, &adv7511_config_zc702);

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