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Using a iCoupler gate driver as a solid-state relay

Question asked by tharpe on Sep 7, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2014 by sherry

Hi All,

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I don't know if this is the right place to include a question about a solid-state relay, but it seemed like a 'switch' application, and the closest category I could find in the forums.


A few years ago, an applications engineer at ADI (Mark Cantrell, according to the article) wrote a NAppkin Note with regard to using an iCoupler gate driver as a solid state relay.  It appears at the end of a newsletter from ADI.

Here is the link:


I’m intrigued by this application, and would like to know if there’s more information on it, like:

1)      Has it been implemented and what are the pitfalls?

2)      Part selection criteria for the capacitor between Viso and GNDiso (see diagram in app note) ?

3)      More design detail on the P-Channel variation for the normally-closed application?


I’m looking for some more detail and the background for this article, and only guessing that someone at ADI has done some work/testing on this topology to prove its validity before publishing the note.


Has anyone else out there on the forum tried this approach or anything similar to it?  An isolated solid-state relay like this would be a very nice tool to add to the toolbox for guys like me who are constantly challenged with high-temperature designs, where opto-isolated SSR's suffer.



Kind regards!